Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Left to do

We got quite a bit done today, the slides we need to do are:

- Pre-Raphalite Brotherhood in Symbolism
- Celtic Signs (I'll have a look, but like you said, theres not much )
^^^ Lets not bother with these two, no-one will know what we're going on about anyway
- Jorge Luis Borges
- Wizard of Oz - Done
- CS Lewis - Narnia Done
- Conclusion

After all this is done, it works out to be 25 slides, which sounds about right. Im going to add some stuff on CS Lewis and Wizard of OZ in a minute, so they should be done. Ethan, you said you were doing Borges which is cool. We won't have much more to do, just the intro and conclusion, which we can botch together.

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