Monday, 15 February 2010

Final Researching

So we've worked out what we're going to focus on..Below is what I think we agreed earlier on along with what each member of the group is going to focus on:

Sam (Me)
Key ideas and Social / Political Context

'Whos Who' - William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

'Whos Who' - William Blake and John Keats

Matt - We've given you the other two 'Key People' to research.
'Whos Who' - John Constable and JMW Turner

For the Whos Who find out what they wrote / painted around the times of Romanticism (1790 onwards) and their signifcance to Romanticism. I think we also need an image of them.

For the other two major points - Historical and Contemporary examples it will be a bit of a team effort. Ethan, your Disney idea seems to be the best, we can look into historical romantic stories - King Arthur, Medieval Poems, Maybe Beowulf along with Fairytales and show how this was revived in the romantic period and how Disney has relied on it.

Anything anyone can find of Disney and romanticism will be helpful. Also romanticism and fairytales.

Ethan was saying earlier we can make a link in our presentation between historical poetry and modern Disney, but to do this, I think we need really good evidence or it will look a bit weak.

If we can all make it in on Wednesday, we can compile everything we've collected and add an introduction and conclusion. We can then work out how we'll present it. I know it looks like i'm putting a bit too much effort in, but I just drank some strong coffee and I'm in a rare mood to work hard. lol.

It might be best (If we all have powerpoint) to make a few slides before Wednesday with the information in, so we can compile it all quicker.

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