Saturday, 13 February 2010

Key Ideas + Cutural Context

I've been reading through some books this morning, and I have found a lot of quotes and information about the key ideas and the social / political context of Romanticism.

For the key ideas ( Criteria 2) is states we need : quotations from 3 different published sources which I've found, I've also got enough information down for the cultural context (Criteria 3)

If you want I can put the stuff together for these two, which then leaves the Introduction, Historical Context, Contemporary Context and key people to do. I've founnd a few key people as I've gone through, but I think we definitely need to use William Wordsworth as he was the main fella in England that kicked off Romanticism in literature. Maybe someone can look him up and find some information on him and his significance along with maybe William Blake


  1. I think we might need to look at Samuel Taylor Coleridge since he worked with William Wordsworth and he was one of the people involved with romanticism