Friday, 12 February 2010

Project Ideas

As we haven't got long to do this, we better get cracking.

The list we looked at yesterday:
1) introduction to your presentation,

2) A clear definition of key ideas from 3 different publishedsources.

3) The cultural context (political and social) in which the topic came out of/was in
reaction to.

4) An illustrated ‘who’s who’ of key individuals associated with given topic, with a
clear explanation of what you think their significance is and why.

5) Historical examples of key words/images/artefacts associated with given topic
and an assessment of their importance.

6) Contemporary examples of key words/images/artefacts associated with given
topic and a comparison to the historical examples.

7) A ‘bullet point’ conclusion.

8) A bibliography and illustration list correctly set out using the Harvard method.

9) A PDF version of presentation for uploading to myUCA.

I reckon the bets way to approach this is:

1) All of us read up on Romanticism - What it is, when it was, where it mainly took place and what was it in response to (Enlightenment)

2) Find all the key people involved, we can then make a list. We can all pick one each to write about, meaning we'll have 4, and quite a bit of detail about each one.

3)There are then four more sections: Definition of Romanticism, Cultural Context,Historical examples and Contemporary examples... We can then split these between us, once we know which key figures we are focusing on.

4) We can create word documents with all our information in, including images and then compile it into a single presentation for Thursday

This doesn't sound too complicated.. but it might be. Anyone have any other ideas?

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  1. no I'm good just need to pick one if the four people who was involved with romanticism and look at the four scetions of romanticism right?