Sunday, 14 February 2010

Historical Examples

Historical examples of key words/images/artefacts associated with given topic
and an assessment of their importance.

If someone wants to start looking at the historical examples, we can start getting enough information for each topic. I've found a little on the historical examples, from the book 'Introducing Romanticism' which is on the online library:

"The medieval romance or romaunt came to mean a tale of chivalry written in one of these romance languages, usually in verse, and often taking the form of a quest."

There is also some stuff on medieval romanticism which was revived on this page:>rack=pthc

Under ' Macpherson and Chatterton: AD 1760-1777'.

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  1. Whoa! Keep up the good work Sam, i'm gunna look into Romanticism in quite some detail today, so i'll look into the key people and historical sections that you've suggested... i'll bam any good quotes or information i find, straight onto the blog!